<b>A Case of Sheehan’s Syndrome A Rare but Life Threatening Complication</b> Hypopituitarism developing after severe post partum haemorrhage PPH is called Sheehan’s Syndrome. Sheehan described in 1937 developing in women after PPH. Sheehan’s Syndrome though rare and still one of the commonest causes of the hypopituitarism in developing countries. Case report of a women with Sheehan’s syndrome who prescribed with major features of hypopituitarism within 10 year of her delivery which was complicated by post partum haemorrhage. Hypopituitarism, post partum haemorrhage, Sheehan’s Syndrome 1156-1157 Issue-3 Volume-4 Gaurav Rajauria | Dr. Jay B. Patel | Gurpartap Singh