<b>Emerging Organizations Follow Dr. Deming’s Philosophy</b> One of the major reason for the long term success of organisations is their belief in the combined structure which consists of vision, mission, values, core competencies and their business system. It guides, directs, strengthens, and motivates them. It gives them security, strength, and awareness of their capabilities, as well as tools to help them to continuously change and improve.Statement of the Problem The philosophy that Dr. Deming stated year’s back was in form of 14 points. There are various strategies adopted by various organisations these which have allowed them to sustain their competitive positions. Are these strategies based on Dr. Deming’s Philosophy or the basis is something else Objectives –The major aim of the paper is to study an organisation which has sustained for more than 100 years and to find out which practices enabled it’s sustenance. The other aim is to find out whether the practices the organisation used for it’s sustenance has their roots in Dr. Deming’s philosophy.Methodology One organisation was picked which has sustained for more than 100 years .The organisation which was selected is a multinational corporate organisation as it has it’s presence in many industries belonging to different sectors in various nations .The non random sampling method convenience sampling was used as the organisation selected was convenient to study. The research design is exploratory and descriptive as it is based on secondary data analysis and observations. The limitation of the study is that only one location of one organisation was studied assuming that the organisation has a uniform culture and uniform practices across all locations and at all times.Analysis –The day to day practices at the organisation were studied and correlations with Dr. Demings Philosophy were found.Findings – When the combined structure which consists of vision, mission, values, core competencies and their business system of the selected organisation was penetrated, it was found that the organisation focuses on 1. Continuous improvement of processes 2. Elimination of management by objective 3.optimising team efforts 4. Learning with better supervision 5.awareness about quality and statistical methods encouraging education 6.removing barriers of workmanship7. Creating trust 8.driving out fear. These focal points were responsible for the sustenance of the organisation and it’s leadership in the market and these focal points are nothing but Dr. Demings philosophy. Organizational Culture, Dr. Deming’s Philosophy, Vision, Mission, Business System 989-996 Issue-3 Volume-4 Joohi Chaturvedi