<b>The Implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning ERP on Sales Management Module using Odoo 11</b> The development of information technology is often used in business world, one of which is Flowride sc. Flowride sc is company that run in the field of clothing sales. The order system of Flowride sc products is still conducted manually, so that it takes quite long time. Recording of product data and transaction data are still conducted through recording in books, this causes data search needs quite long time and susceptible to the loss of data. One of the applications that can assist in solving that problem is Odoo. Odoo is Enterprise Resource Planning based software which is used as company system that ca handle a lot of company complexity. Information Technology, Flowride sc, Enterprise Resource Planning, Odoo 1-4 Issue-4 Volume-4 Ni Kadek Yuni Ristyawati | I Ketut Adi Purnawan | Gusti Made Arya Sasmita