<b>Spectacle Design Preferences in Oman Society</b> Aim To investigate preference of selected spectacle design in Oman population. In addition, to compare ranking of conventional spectacles frame design, and its association to age, gender, and education levels and choice of frame. Methods A questionnaire based study was designed to evaluate the choices of frame design selection by people in Oman society . A total number of 100 participants aged from 15 years and above were selected randomly from Oman Society. The research was explained, consent obtained, completed questionnaire was collected and data was analyzed. Results An important finding in my study was that square frame design is the most popular design chosen by participants 63 out of 100 , followed by browline, rimless, semi rimless, wayfarer, rectangular, aviator, navigator frame .The least preferred is half eye frame. Others results obtained relating to frame design is the weight of spectacle frame is considered as main factor affecting the wear compliance 97 , followed by color 88 , material 86 and shape 80 . Brand of spectacle frame is least important factor affecting the wear compliance for spectacle frame 65 . Common reasons for wearing spectacle is near sightedness myopia in both males and females 58 while the far sightedness hyperopia represents the lowest percentage for wearing spectacle 15 . Conclusions People preferred to wear square frame design and Browline frame. Color, weight, materials and brand name affect choices and wearing compliance. Spectacle frames, frame selection, compliance, design, Oman 644-649 Issue-3 Volume-4 Marwa Rashid Shinain Al-Buraiki