<b>Adhimantha Glaucoma A Review Based on Ayurveda and Modern Perspective</b> Now a day due to urbanization and pollution the all universe is developing the better system of therapy and medicine in the medical science for treatment the disease and maintain the health. Shalakya tanta is a one branch of Astanga Ayurveda it deal the disease of chakshu, nasa, karna. Kantha, mukha and shirah. Adhimantha is disease of sarvagata netrarogas explain by Acharya Susaruta And Vagbhatta. It is a complication of Abhishyanda. Glaucoma is a neurodegenerative disorder of optic nerve it is occur mostly elder age group especially over 80 year of age. Any injury of eye, Virudha ahar and vihar are cause of glaucoma. Ancient classics described glaucoma as Adhimanth which means Adhi Excessive and Manth Churning condition where excessive pain in the eye like churning type of pain occur in this disease. The associated symptoms is headache, foreign body sensation, lacrimation, redness of eye and difficulty in vision etc. In such a scenario a study on Adhimantha its concept and its management according to Ayurveda gain much important. Glaucoma is a major cause for blindness globally it effect million of people in the world. This article describrd Ayurveda And Modern perspectives of Adhimantha along with its treatment option. Ayurveda, Adhimantha, Shalakya tantra, Glaucoma 462-466 Issue-3 Volume-4 Dr. Santosh Kumar Sahu | Dr. Suraj Kumbar | Dr. Payal Sharma | Dr. Abhishek Jain