<b>Smart Helmet Alcohol Detection and Sleep Alert</b> In daily aspects of our life safety and security are the two major concerns. Nowadays the scenario that we come across in many cases of human deaths and severe injuries to people is because of two wheeler road accidents. For every four minutes there is one death being reported in India. According to the World Health Organization, we have identified that 40 percent of the deaths and 70 percent of severe injuries can be reduced if bike rider wears the helmet. There are areas around the world where the traffic of people is less. In such a situation, rider’s loss their lives. On considering these factors, no proper methodologies have been implemented to avoid accidents that are caused due to alcohol consumption and unconscious riding. The helmet includes sensors which ensure if the one who is driving the two wheeler is a sober and also checks if the rider is conscious or not. With the help of alcohol sensor MQ3, we check the alcohol consumption. If detected details of the vehicle is send which includes the vehicle registration number and rider details is send to the authorizes officials. For this a database is implemented. After sleep detection using heart rate sensor, if found to be unconscious the rider is alerted with a beep sound. Thus this helmet not only ensures safe riding but also recognizes the condition of a rider for safe riding. Smart Helmet, Alcohol detection, Accident detection, GSM, MQ3 sensor, Bluetooth module, IR sensor, Ultra sonic Sensor, Sleep detection, Heart rate sensor 517-520 Issue-3 Volume-4 Midlaj Ali P | Nimisha Krishnaji | Swapna Shakkeer P | Krishnadas J