<b>Mahabharata and Veda</b> Mahabharata is to be considered as the soul of Indian civilization. The contents of the great epic reflect the nature of the human relation to the society. It is also observed that, the ideas of Mahabharata purify the dirt of the society by imposing its power against the evil. Once upon a time when Vedic knowledge was not so easy to understand by the common man, to fill the gap of that circumstances this epic played a vital role. To make Vedic knowledge so simple to the man, Mahabharata analyzes the significant role of individual by supplying the every needs of his life. As a result Mahabharata stands as the fifth Veda to satisfy the ultimate goal of human life i.e. Puru artha s Dharma, Artha, Kama and Mok a .It explained the value of human life in light of Veda. Here in this proposed research paper, an attempt has been made to highlight the few Vedic ideas which are reflected in Mahabharata in connection to the human life. 360-362 Issue-3 Volume-4 Dr. Debajyoti Jena