<b>Energy Saving by Migrating Virtual Machine to Green Cloud Computing</b> Green computing is characterized as the examination and practice of structuring, assembling, utilizing, and discarding PCs, servers, and related subsystems, for example, screens, printers, storage gadgets, and systems administration and interchanges frameworks proficiently and successfully with negligible or no effect on the earth. The objective of green computing is to diminish the utilization of hazardous materials, amplify energy proficiency during the item s lifetime, and advance the recyclability of obsolete items and factory waste. Green computing can be accomplished by either Product Longevity Resource distribution or Virtualization or Power management. power is the bottleneck of improving the system execution. Among all industries, the information communication technology ICT industry is seemingly answerable for a bigger segment of the overall development in energy utilization. The objective of green cloud computing is to advance the recyclability or biodegradability of outdated items and factory waste by diminishing the utilization of hazardous materials and amplifying the energy productivity during the item s lifetime. Green computing, Green cloud computing, Cloud service provider, Power Consumption, Energy efficiency 345-348 Issue-3 Volume-4 Stephen Fernandes