<b>Classification and Detection of Vehicles using Deep Learning</b> The vehicle classification and detecting its license plate are important tasks in intelligent security and transportation systems. The traditional methods of vehicle classification and detection are highly complex which provides coarse grained results due to suffering from limited viewpoints. Because of the latest achievements of Deep Learning, it was successfully applied to image classification and detection of objects. This paper presents a method based on a convolutional neural network, which consists of two steps vehicle classification and vehicle license plate recognition. Several typical neural network modules have been applied in training and testing the vehicle Classification and detection of license plate model, such as CNN convolutional neural networks , TensorFlow, Tesseract OCR. The proposed method can identify the vehicle type, number plate and other information accurately. This model provides security and log details regarding vehicles by using AI Surveillance. It guides the surveillance operators and assists human resources. With the help of the original training dataset and enriched testing dataset, the algorithm can obtain results with an average accuracy of about 97.32 in the classification and detection of vehicles. By increasing the amount of the data, the mean error and misclassification rate gradually decreases. So, this algorithm which is based on Deep Learning has good superiority and adaptability. When compared to the leading methods in the challenging Image datasets, our deep learning approach obtains highly competitive results. Finally, this paper proposes modern methods for the improvement of the algorithm and prospects the development direction of deep learning in the field of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Convolution neural network, Vehicle classification, Vehicle License plate Recognition 283-291 Issue-3 Volume-4 Madde Pavan Kumar | Dr. K. Manivel | N. Jayanthi