<b>The Designing and Weighting of Key Performance Indicators using the SCOR Approach and AHP in XYZ Weaving Company</b> Competition between companies is becoming more intense, which is why each company must improve their performance. Supply Chain Management becomes an important part of a company in order to determine an efficient business strategy. One way is to measure supply chain performance. The first step that must be taken is to determine and weigh the Key Performance Indicator as a measurement of supply chain performance measurement in XYZ Weaving Company with the Supply Chain Operations Reference SCOR approach. The result of the study is that there are 23 KPIs with their respective weights on each level. The highest weight on Level 1 is on the Make process with a weight value of 0.357. The highest weight on level 2 is on the Reliability variable with a total weight of 0.424, while the highest weight on level 3 is on the Time needed to manufacture products with a total weight of 0.067. SCM, SCOR, KPI, AHP 251-256 Issue-3 Volume-4 Ni Kadek Jayanthy Nilasari