<b>Food Fraud A Primer</b> Food fraud is a major problem with all food and drink businesses. It has become a global problem of increasing importance. Fraud may be regarded as the intentional misrepresentation of fact by one person or an organization. Food fraud is the deliberate alteration of food. It is widely accepted in the food industry as illegal deception for economic gain using food. The most common types of food fraud include deliberate substitution, misrepresentation or mislabeling, adulteration, stolen goods, tampering, diversion, smuggling, and concealment. All these types of fraud have the potential to seriously endanger food quality and safety. They can also cause direct or indirect threats to public health. This provides a primer on food fraud. food fraud, fake food, food fraud prevention, fraud food vulnerability, food integrity, food crime 107-110 Issue-3 Volume-4 Matthew N. O. Sadiku | Tolulope J. Ashaolu | Sarhan M. Musa