<b>Insight into IoT Applications and Common Practice Challenges</b> IoT caused a revolution in the technological world. Not only is the IoT related to computers, people or cell phones but also to various sensors, actuators, vehicles, and other modern appliances. There are around 14 billion interconnected digital devices across the globe i.e. almost 2 devices per human being on earth. The IoT serves as a medium to connect non living things to the internet to transfer information from one point to another in their community network which automates processes and ultimately makes the life of human beings convenient. The subsequent result of amalgamating internet connectivity with powerful data analysis is a complete change in the way we humans work and live. The most vital characteristics of IoT include connectivity, active engagement, sensors, artificial intelligence, and small device use. All of this creates many challenges that need to be solved to keep this technology to continue expanding. In this paper, we have identified various applications of IoT based on recent technological and business trends and highlighted the existing challenges faced by IoT which need to be addressed considering the exponential acceptance of the concept globally and the way those challenges had been addressed in the past. We have also made a few comments on the way such challenges are being attempted to be resolved now. This paper presents the current status Internet of Things IoT in terms of technical details, and applications. Also, this paper opens a window for future work on the historical approach to study and address IoT challenges. IoT, challenges, applications, IoT architecture, computing devices, connectivity, security, smart city 42-49 Issue-3 Volume-4 Lubna Alazzawi | Jamal Alotaibi