<b>Diversity Management and Employee Engagement A Comparative Analysis of Tertiary Institutions In North Central Nigeria</b> Diversity brings multi ethnic, multi racial and multi cultural perspective to organizations because the concept creates awareness of diverse populations both in workplaces and commercial markets. Broadly view, the objective of the study is to investigate if there are any significant differences of diversity management on Employees Engagement in Nigerian Universities. Specifically, the study is ought to explore the differences in the Nature of Relationship between Cultural Synergy and Employees Promotion among Universities in North Central Nigeria. A survey design was employed and the population comprises of Nine 9 selected universities that cut across the three 3 states under study. However, a sample size of 399 was determined using Taro Yamane sample size technique. Equality allocation format is shared among the three states under study hence 133 copies of questionnaires are distributed among each state. In return, 378 copies of questionnaire representing 95 of it is filled, returned and therefore used for the entire analysis. Descriptive statistics was use to test the mean differences while Kruskal Wallis test was used to test the hypotheses. Findings reviewed that all the significance levels are within 1 , indicating that there is no significant difference in the nature of relationship between cultural synergy and employee promotion. It was recommended that universities in the north central can be compared towards cultural synergy and employees’ promotions are guided by the same principles. This by implication implies that universities has standard of operations which are put into practice be it public or privates since they are being control by a central body called the National University Commission and public employments are still being controlled by the character commission. Diversity Management, Cultural Synergy, Employee Promotion and Employee Engagement 77-91 Issue-3 Volume-4 Nnabuife Ezimma K. | Madu Ikemefuna