<b>Augmented Reality Map</b> Augmented Reality AR is the technology that overlaps virtual objects onto real world objects. It has three main features the combination of the real world and the virtual world, real time interaction, and 3D registration. The algorithms used to produce graphical images and other sensor based inputs on real world objects uses the camera of your device. The shortest route and graphics information in 3D is not notified in normal maps. To avoid such problems we have developed a 3D virtual environment that gives graphics and contains more information about a particular place. This project is done by using the “UNITY” application, the engine can be used to create three dimensional, two dimensional which helps to view all these graphics and routes in a 3D view. Augmented reality AR , UNITY, Vuforia developer portal, AR Camera 1-3 Issue-3 Volume-4 R. Mohana Priya | Subash. R | Yogesh. R | Vignesh. M | Gopi. V