<b>A Reliable Technique for Stem Cell Marker Identification</b> Stem cells have emerged to give a promising result in regenerative medicine. Stem cell derived growth have been studied in various animals. These stem cell are identified by specific markers. Various methods have been used to identify these markers. Some of the methods were been used last decades to identify the stem cells. This article presents a concise review on the methods used for identifying markers and discuss the very most reliable technique of the identification of stem cell markers. IHC immunohistochemistry, ICC immunocytochemistry, FC flow cytometry, stem cell, stem cell markers, MSC mesenchymal stem cell, HSC haematopoietic stem cell, ESC embryonic stem cell, CSC cancer stem cell 1020-1025 Issue-2 Volume-4 Dr. Sai Charan. K. V | Dr. Nirmal Famila Betty