<b>The Impact of the Global Financial Crisis on Human Resources in Multinational Companies in Ireland</b> This paper aims to analyse and review the impact of the global financial crisis on human resource management in multinational corporations in Ireland. A review of the literature was done, taking as reference the study of Gunningle, Lavelle and Monaghan 2013 . In addition, newspapers, magazines, books and scientific journals were used as secondary data. The great contribution of the article is related to the fact that how HR managers can be seen as key players within companies, acting in a strategic way over the crisis period in Ireland. It is necessary for HR managers to communicate effectively, build good relationships and pay attention to the difficult task of balancing individual and organizational desires. Addressing the specific case of Ireland, there are limitations from a general point of view, but it works as an illustration of managerial alternatives to companies impacted by economic turbulence , whether for validation of proposed ideas or for the construction of new ones. Global Financial Crisis Human Resources Multinationals Ireland 864-867 Issue-2 Volume-4 Charles Alves De Castro