<b>Architecture and Tourism The Case of Historic Preservations, Human Capital Development and Employment Creation in Nigeria</b> Tourism in Nigeria is still in its infancy. For the tourism industry as a sector of the Nigerian economy, it is not in dispute that it has abundance of resources that can be diversified to transform the socio economic lives of the populace yet, the sector’s performance is nowhere in tune with turning the economy into a foreign exchange earner. Poor impression and attitude to tourism in Nigeria resulted in, most Nigerians, not considering tourism as good career or lucrative income generating enterprise. The present work aims to evolve modalities for sustainable tourism development programmes in Nigeria, capable of remedying the dwindling tourist attractions to sustainable standards. The authors investigated the causes of failure of tourism development in Nigeria and solutions to improving it. They were careful with analytical instruments and tools used. The disciplinary areas of focus are, architecture and tourism, or better said, tourism development through architecture. As such, the authors adopted content base analysis, qualitative research method with data from secondary sources. Nigeria offers a wide variety of tourist attractions such as extended and roomy rivers and ocean beaches ideal for swimming and other water sports, unique wildlife, vast tracts of unspoiled nature ranging from tropical forest, magnificent waterfalls, some new rapidly growing cities and climatic conditions in some parts particularly conducive to holidaying. Other attractions include traditional ways of life preserved in local customs rich and varied handicrafts and other colorful products depicting or illustrative of native arts and lifestyle. Nigerians need to immediately realize that there are lots to gain from an environmentally friendly eco cultural tourism business than the current over dependency on mineral exploitation and exploration for export earnings. The various challenges and constraints facing tourism sector must need to be eradicated or ameliorated. There should be a sub regional and regional collaboration to establish economically viable monuments and heritage sites in the country. In order to checkmate the security concerns of tourist and the tourist centers, well coordinated tourism security committee compromising of all security agencies and host communities should be set up. architecture, employment, festivals, tourist centers, population, investments 670-684 Issue-2 Volume-4 Obiadi, Bons N | Ezezue A. M | Uduak Peter Umo