<b>A Critical Appraisal on Shleepada in Ayurveda</b> Shleepada is Kapha Pradhana Tridoshaja Vyadhi which manifests by vitiating Mamsa, Kapha and Rakta and it leads to abnormal enlargement of different body parts. Dusta Jala is considered to be one of the prime causes of Shleepada which manifests with the symptoms of fever, painful swelling starting from groin and extending to the feet. It is classified into three types as Vataja, Pittaja and Kaphaja. Some Acharyas opine that Shleepada manifests to the other body parts like hands, ears, eyes, penis, lips and nose. Ayurveda though provides therapeutic measures for disease, it emphasis more on maintenance and promotion of health. The present article reviews the concept of Shleepada enunciated in Samhitas. Dusta Jala, Kapha Dosha, Shleepada, Types of Shleepada 760-765 Issue-2 Volume-4 Monika Gupta | Jayaram Krishna M | Rashmi Pujar | Gopikrishna S