<b>Problem Identification and Alternative Solution of Retail Furniture in Indonesia</b> The retail business or retail trade for furniture products is very dependent on the supply of products offered to consumers in accordance with the consumer s choice and purchasing power. Changes in furniture buying behavior is one of the important factors that is a concern for retailers to build their competitive advantage with continuous innovation starting from products, service processes, marketing and management. Competition among furniture retailers, especially traditional retailers is increasingly pushed by the presence of modern retail with the ability to create high buying value to consumers in terms of price, product variants, design and quality. The presence of e commerce that sells furniture products through online, has begun to grow significantly. This paper will discuss more specifically about Furniture Retail Businesses in Indonesia and identify problems faced and various alternative solutions from both theoretical and practical perspectives. Retail Furniture, Problems and Solution 360-364 Issue-2 Volume-4 Lusy Evylia Puspita | Lena Ellitan