<b>Achieving Business Continuity in Industrial 4.0 and Society 5.0</b> Technology and innovation need to be utilized to help and advance society, not to replace the role of humans. Thus this change is expected to help humans in their daily lives. The characteristics of the two eras are almost the same, including digitalization, optimization and production with customization, automation, interaction between humans and machines, value added services and business, the use of information technology and the wealth of data held. Through the combination and continuity between the industrial revolution 4.0 and society 5.0, it can form a better pattern of social order, so that it can improve the quality of people s social lives. One of the demands of the industrial phenomenon 4.0 and Society 5.0 is the availability of quality data that is always updated. This paper will discuss in detail the direction of change in corporate life from industry 4.0 to society 5.0., The development of the digital economy and the company s strategy to survive to face the existing changes. Industrial Revolution 4.0., Society 5.0., digital economy, competitive strategy 235-239 Issue-2 Volume-4 Lena Ellitan | Lina Anatan