<b>Islamic Art and the Identity of the Architecture Fundamental Design</b> The language of Islamic design springs primarily from shorthand, and geometry which plays a central role. The geometry and calligraphy are based on the rule of the underlying laws proportions . The problem of research related to insert Islamic art in fundamental design subject especially the design of architecture. The research aims to analyze some models of Islamic engineering works. It follows that the Islamic design principles are reflected in geometry and used by designers as the most valuable tool of the design process to produce ordered patterns that govern aesthetic in designed spaces and surfaces. The research consisted of two parts Theoretical in which the collection of Islamic decoration and use in architecture. And Practical in which the analysis of its. The research results are design and construction are used not only by mathematician astronomers but also by designers, where the most striking characteristic of Islamic geometrical patterns is the prominence of star and rosette shapes. Islamic Decorative, Design, Fundamental, two and Three Dimensions 165-171 Issue-2 Volume-4 Mohammad Abdullah Almandrawy | Eman Sayed Badawy Ahmad