<b>Key Aspect for Approach of Smart Grid Design System</b> With development of smart grid technology, power generation and distribution network acts as new brain in this field. In this technology, the network will not only get going to integrated and set communicable all over the country but its demand will be tracked by the control centers in different aspect and at high time the usage of power is going to cost higher than the actual rate with intimation given to the customer through notification via sms or email. Through this research, the designing for Smart Grids was inspected from a logical aspect, monitoring its behavioral, and physical, and must observe the optimal integration of entire system. From the conventional distribution system, we can see the designed for the control of all the constituents as observe to be autonomous with each other. Thus, centralization in control and consolidated functionality are the main challenges discover by the distribution system. To minimize these matter of concern, the term ‚Äúdistribution system and its responsibilities‚ÄĚ came into effect by using information and communications technology ICT to power the resolution in circulating distribution system. For preparing the outline in this aspect, this paper aims to present a layout in initiating smart grid technology and responsibilities. In contrast we argue to design an interest in the field of Smart Grid. Smart grid Energy control centre Distributed Energy Resource Power System 20-22 Issue-2 Volume-4 Ashish Gangwar | Sadaf Qasim