<b>Control of Stand Alone PV System using Single Voltage Sensor Based MPPT</b> This paper proposes to model a voltage sensor based MPPT with voltage reference control technique with a PI controller for the SEPIC converter. The PI controller will minimize the error between the reference voltage VRef generated by the MPPT controller and the panel voltage VPV . Thus, it is an adaptive solution, as if VPV is far from MPP, error will be large and so it will automatically produce large step size D and vice versa. Thus, the MPPT with voltage reference control technique with the association of PI controller can effectively improve the performance of the PV system. The simulations were performed in the environment of MATLAB SIMULINK. SEPIC converter, PI controller, PV system, MPPT controller 15-19 Issue-2 Volume-4 Giri Babu | A. Raja Babu