<b>Environmental Factors and the Manufacturing Sector Shareholders’ Wealth in Nigeria</b> This study examines environmental factors and Nigerian manufacturing ’ shareholders’ wealth , which has been a great concern among the shareholders when evaluating returns on their investments, this study covers 20 year period, secondary data sourced from CBN and the financial statements of the companies were used, while Unit roots were applied to test non stationarity among the variables and ARDL was used to test for long run relationship among the variables used, the result findings from the data analyzed have positive relationship with manufacturing sector’s growth the finding gave affirmation that environment bank loans, foreign exchange rate and energy have impacted on manufacturing performance efficiency reducing their revenues generation ,the study recommends among other things that the management should put more efforts regularly Strategy on environmental analysis in order to minimize the resultant effect. Inflation and economic openness can improve manufacturing earnings per share if manufacturing production for export is enhanced Manufacturing Sector, Foreign Exchange, Shareholders’ wealth, Environmental factors and Shareholder theory 653-659 Issue-2 Volume-4 Ojomolade Dele Jacob | Olaleye John Olatunde