<b>Importance of Bhujangasana in Daily Life</b> Ayurveda is the science of life. It plays an important role to prevent and treat the disease. Ayurveda specifically deals with mind body balance. The main part of it is Yoga and Asana. Yoga provide us a simple remedies, facile skills and procedure of good health. Asana gives physical and mental power and tone the body mind for further exercise. Bhujangasana is often referred to as the Cobra Pose. This Yoga Asana helps tones the abdomen and strengthen the spine. One of the main benefits of Bhujangasana is that it helps to improve blood circulation. Snake pose in Yoga is considered one of the best Asanas to get a flat stomach. Bhujangasana benefits are extended to your beauty because of the stretching of the abdominal muscles. Yoga, Asana, Bhujangasana, snake pose, abdominal muscles 646-651 Issue-1 Volume-4 Dr. Jyoti Gangwal | Dr. Sanjay Kholiya | Dr. Vikash Bhatnagar | Dr. Sandeep M. Lahange