<b>Impact of Demographic Factors on the Snacking Behavior of Individuals</b> Snacking behavior of the consumers has a great impact on their dietary behavior and health. Therefore this research was conducted to assess the relationship of snacking time and the snacking preferences with the age and gender of the individuals. Preference to consume different snack varieties, such as Biscuits, Potato chips, chocolate, candy, sandwiches, ice cream, fruits and pizza in particular periods of the day morning, evening and night was assessed in the study. The relationship was assessed using a consumer panel consisting of 125 respondents. The respondents were asked to express their preferences using a questionnaire. Results revealed that both age and gender effect on preferences for snack types and snacking time. snacking time snack preferences age gender consumer panel 671-674 Issue-1 Volume-4 Gunathilak U G S A | Wijewardhana U S | Navaratne S B