<b>A Study on Digital Payment Awareness among Small Scale Vendors</b> The Digital India programme is the most significant programme of the Government of India launched by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 1st July 2015 with a vision to transform India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy. “Faceless, Paperless, Cashless” is one of the superficial roles of Digital India. As on November 2019 India has 1.371 trillion populations. Out of 1.371 trillion population 1.183 billion are telephone users. In that 1.161 billion Mobile phone users as on May 2019. According to TRAI, as on November 2019, 84 out of 100 citizens in India has owned a mobile phone. The smart phone revolution has led to the emergence of e commerce, m commerce and other services, including app based cab aggregators, who hearten digital payments for the use of various services. The government of India is working dedicatedly to push India towards a cashless economy through demonetization, Direct Benefit Transfers, BHIM and many more. The aim is to streamline the economy and curb corruption. Hence the researcher has focused on awareness of digital payment among small scale vendors in Tirupur city. Tirupur is a dollar city, which includes many micro and small businesses. Tirupur is opt area to conduct this research. Fifty respondents have chosen for this research. The data collected through the structured questionnaire and has analyzed by using percentage analysis and chi square technique. The researcher has found from this study people are having some illusions regarding digital payment and should be removed from their minds by bank people which was major factor people are not adopting these services. Thus, on site training like demonstration can be provided to the bank customers who intend to use e banking services. Awareness, Banks, Digital payment, Small scale vendors etc 622-625 Issue-1 Volume-4 Dr. N. Velmathi