<b>A Descriptive Study of Standard Dialect and Western Dialect of Odia Language in Terms of Linguistic Items</b> Language is a unique blessing to human beings. Human beings are bestowed with the faculty of language from very primitive age. Language makes human beings social and in a society human beings communicate with the help of language. Odia is one among the constitutionally approved language of India. Odisha is situated in the eastern part of India. Presently, this state has thirty districts. Odisha is bound to the north by the state Jharkhand, to the northeast by the state West Bengal, to the east by the Bay of Bengal, to the south by the state Andhra Pradesh, and to the west by the state Chhattisgarh. The languages used by the neighboring states have a lot of influence on Odia language. In this present study a modest attempt has been made to high light the differences between Standard Odia and Western Odia dialects. Various linguistic items used by the western Odia dialect users have marked differences compared to the standard Odia. The study has been done to delve into the phonological, morphological, semantic and syntactic features of both Standard Odia and Western Odia. Secondly, for ease of understanding some amount of discussion has been made on the existing literature on language and its variety in general. As spoken form is the primary form of any language, data have been collected from the informants’ conversation for analysis. phonological, morphological, syntactic, dialect, semantic 626-630 Issue-1 Volume-4 Debiprasad Pany