<b>Personalization Aspects Affecting Users’ Intention to Revisit Social Networking Site</b> Personalization features are adopted to reduce information overload, to attract users and leveraging business by online social networking web portals in recent years. Still, less attention has been paid to design aspects of website personalization and its influence on users’ decision making. To address this gap, the study draws a model based on Stimulus Organism Response theory and proposes a personalization model for users information processing and decision making. Different personalization aspects induce cognitive and hedonic user s experience during interaction with websites which in turn generates satisfaction and effects on users’ decision making to revisit the personalized social networking website. Research identifies personalization aspects used in social networking websites, proposes a research model and validates it empirically. Exploratory Factor Analysis EFA identifies seven factors like information, navigation, presentation personalization, cognitive, hedonic experience, satisfaction and intention to revisit a personalized website. Personalization Model is tested with 541 valid responses out of 600 valid responses collected through convenience sampling from social websites. Confirmatory Factor Analysis CFA result shows the interrelation of constructs information, presentation, navigation, cognitive, hedonic experience, satisfaction and intention to revisit. Equation Modeling result indicates a correlation between personalization aspects and users’ satisfaction, intention to revisit through cognitive and hedonic experience. Research shows different design aspects of a personalized website plays an important role in forming user s positive cognitive experience induce perceived ease of use, usefulness, enjoyment, the hedonic experience of control leading higher satisfaction level and revisit of social networking website. Cognitive experience, Control, Enjoyment, Hedonic experience Information Personalization, Navigation Personalization, Presentation Personalization, , Satisfaction, Perceived ease of use, perceived usefulness, Web Personalization 612-621 Issue-1 Volume-4 Dr. Darshana Desai