<b>An Innovative Device for Stabilization of Fixed Lingual Retainer</b> Maintaining the incisor alignment after active orthodontic therapy is the crucial step for the orthodontist. Bonded lingual retainers are the retention of choice with minimal adverse effects. However, there is a need for a device that holds the retainer wire in its stable position without any interference to the isolation procedure. This device may achieve the above requirements. This article aims to introduce a simplified clinical innovation that stabilizes the lingual retainer to enhance better bonding procedures. This innovative clinical technique is simple, easy to fabricate, with commonly available materials in daily day to day practice that helps the clinician to perform better bonding procedure with reduced chair side time and increased clinical efficiency. Clinical Relevance This simplified innovative method described for fabrication and placement of the bonded cuspid to cuspid bicuspid to bicuspid offers a practical and effective way of stabilizing anterior teeth. Bonded retainer, Clinical innovation, Retention, Stainless steel wire 167-169 Issue-1 Volume-4 Dr. Tivanani Venkata Durga Mahendra | Dr. Vyshnavi. Mulakala