<b>Effects of Changing Lifestyle on Annavahasrotas A Literature Review</b> Nowadays changing food habits, lack of exercise, sedentary lifestyle, late mornings, working late in nights, late night sleep, increased stress all these factors of modern lifestyle influences on physical and mental health of human beings. Annavaha srotas is one of the important srotas described in ayurveda. From modern point of view annavaha srotas can be correlated to gastrointestinal tract. According to ayurveda unhealty diet and vihar are resposible for annavaha srotas dushti which inturn is responsible for illness. Healthy diet and vihar keeps annavaha srotas vishudh which inturn is responsible for health. Unhealthy lifestyle followed by millions of people is responsible for annavaha srotas dushti. Therefore understanding effects of modern lifestyle on annavaha srotas have been reviewed from various resources and have been systematically presented so as to emphasize its ill effects and measures to be adapted towards healthy living. Annavahasrotas, Lifestyle 125-127 Issue-1 Volume-4 Dr. Harsha Gambhire – Bhadugale