<b>Importance of Effective Business Communication for Promoting and Developing Hospitality Industry in Saudi Arabia A Case Study of Gizan Jazan </b> “A man’s beauty is in his tongue” Prophet Muhammad PBUH .It is always saying that a communication is a key to success. It is a basic need to make any relation better and persuasive. Communication has power to make and destroy the image in no time. It is seen that communication skill becomes more important than the educational qualification because sometimes people who are less educated but having a good communication skill can win the argument, and can get job and raises, on contrary, a person having better qualification and intelligence but lacking in communication skill, becomes ignored and avoided from the important meetings. This research aims at casting shadow on effective communication in context of pragmatics understanding. This is a qualitative research, in which data has been collected through questionnaires. Most of the response was collected online from the employees working in different segments Hospitality industry in Jizan region. Business Communication, Hospitality, Tourism, Communication, Hotels, Airlines, Jizan, Gizan, Saudi Arabia 26-32 Issue-1 Volume-4 Dr Ali A Alalmai | Dr Mohd Aarif