<b>Structural Analysis of Stabilization and Consolidation Settlement of Selected Laterite Soil using Cement Lime and Butimen</b> The problem confronting roads in Nigeria is increasing immensely. It is ranging from folding or deflection of road surface and cracking due to improper investigation, soil stabilization and consolidation. Soil stabilization is of great importance because it is used to improve on site materials to create a solid and strong sub base and base coarses. Unsatisfactory soil and solids structures which do not have the desired quality as an engineering material need stabilization so as to improve its engineering material for better construction. This work is aimed at determining structural analysis of stabilization and consolidation settlement of soil structure interaction. This is done to ascertain the effect of soil stabilization of selected laterite using cement, lime and bitumen. Liquid limit test, compaction test, Plastic limit test and California Bearing Ratio CBR test were conducted using comparing Mechanical, Chemical, Cement and Bio Enzymatic stabilization method. It was observed that Cement stabilization is the best option as it could effectively implemented in this work. Ohaofia soil that is treated with 10 ordinary Portland cement can be recommended to be used as Base coarse for road construction. This is because its mixture satisfies both the strength and durability requirement that were set by different agencies for the Base coarse materials. While for Isikwuato soil was treated with 8 bitumen is recommended for Road Sub base surface as it gave the highest CBR value. It is observed that Lime is not a good stabilizer for road construction, but the CBR value achieved met up required standard for Road and Bridges. Based on the various results obtained, it is recommended that utilization of the locally available soil should be given due consideration for upcoming road construction within the study area and Cement stabilization is more suitable for road construction. Cement stabilization, Soil Stabilizatio Consolidation CBR test, Lime, Bitumen and Cement 13-20 Issue-1 Volume-4 Onyeka, F. C