<b>Scientific Interpretation of Mritsanrakshan Paddhati as Per Sushruta Samhita</b> For whole knowledge of body we have to study anatomy subject theoretically also practically. By the dissection of human cadaver. There are several methods of dead body preservation in modern science. In Ayurveda, a special method for dead body preservation is given by Acharya Sushruta. This method is called “Jalnimajjan Paddhati”of Mritsanrakshan”. According to Ayurvedic texts Acharya Sushruta is best in Sharir Sthan. He is described many anatomical structures of human body and useful information of every segment of body. He also told about 7 skin layers and their thickness and 7 types of Kalas with their order. This was possible because of complete dissection. Dissection, Human cadaver, Jalnimajjan Paddhati, Mritsanrakshan, Kalas 646-649 Issue-6 Volume-3 Dr. Jyoti Gangwal | Dr. Sanjay Kholiya | Dr. Vikash Bhatnagar | Dr. Sandeep M. Lahange