<b>A Review Paper on Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete</b> Generally, adding of steel fibres in concrete improves the significance of the concrete mix and it also reduces the workability of the concrete. Steel fibre reinforced concrete SFRC is a Composite material which is made up of hydraulic cements. It contains coarse and fine aggregate. Since, cement having well compressive and steel having tensile strength it is capable of resisting wind and earthquake forces. Although reinforcing brittle materials with fibres is not a new concept, it was started in the early 1960s. Steel fibres added to concrete, steel fibre reinforced concrete SFRC is formed which enhances flexural strength, tensile strength and impact resistance. As it also improves structural integrity and protects from crack deformation which impacts to extent life of the Structures. The use of Steel fibre reinforced concrete SFRC requires accurate configuration differ from normal concrete and workability of the concrete would be affected as the quantity of fibres increasing. Still SFRC Structures are limited and a steel fibre is not considered to be economical and less stable as they often used in tunnel and underground structural Steel fibres mostly developed to many micro cracks to few macro cracks. Steel fiber reinforced concrete SFRC , Impact resistance, SFRC Structures 530-532 Issue-6 Volume-3 K. Sree Sandhya | Dr. Rajamurugadoss | Dr. G. Ganesh Prabhu