<b>An Experimental Paper on Compressive Strength of Pervious Concrete</b> Pervious concrete has been in use in many countries over more than a century. Its higher porosity helps in percolating rain water directly to ground and thereby helps in recharging groundwater aquifer. In this study, pervious concrete of sizes of 6.3mm size aggregate were prepared with different water cement ratios to find the compressive strength. The purpose of this project is to analyze the feasibility of producing highly sustainable no fine concrete mixtures and evaluating the effect of W c ratio on the properties of pervious concrete. Porous concrete is produced by using ordinary Portland cement, coarse aggregates, and water. This concrete is tested for its property compressive strength. The results showed that the water cement ratio showed significant effect on compressive strength of Pervious concrete. Pervious concrete, Compressive strength 398-400 Issue-6 Volume-3 S. Suryasri | Mr. K. S. B. Prasad