<b>Water Quality and Sediment Analysis of Selected Rivers at Satara District, Maharashtra</b> Water pollution is one of the major global environmental problems. It is an acute problem almost in all major rivers and water reservoirs in India. Water pollution is increasing and becoming severe day by day and posing a great risk to human health and other living organisms. There is growing concern on the deterioration of ground water quality due to geogenic and anthropogenic activities. Present investigation aims at insight about the level of contaminants of surface water, groundwater and sediment analysis of selected rivers of Krishna River located in Mahuli and Urmodi river located in Nagthane, Satara district. An attempt has been made to assess the water quality, sediment analysis of the samples. Dissolved oxygen content of the water samples was observed quite well in limits such as in Krishna river Mahuli DO was 27.68mg L and in Urmodi river Nagthane was13.68mg .In the present study, COD value was observed by 720mg l at surface water of Krishna River Mahuliand 1320 mg l at surface water sample of Urmodi river Nagthane. As expected groundwater samples showed values of hardness within a limit. There is an urgent need for more representative samples to be used to go beyond preliminary assessment as reported in the present study for making appropriate recommendations. Heavy Metals, Urmodi and Krishna River, Physicochemical Parameters, Sediment and Weed Analysis, Water Quality 239-243 Issue-6 Volume-3 Pallavi Dhekale | Pranjal Nikam | Sagar Dadas | Chetana Patil