<b>Indian’s Melancholy Conditions and their Resistance under Indenture</b> This paper focuses on the process of Indian labour migration and regulation of labour who have migrated to Malaya, British Guiana and Suriname during the period 1840­1940 under different recruitment systems. And how the recruitment process itself has inspired the reconstruction of social institutions and communities within a specific labour relationship among the labourers. This paper also talks about the racial discrimination among workers, gender relations as well as the pathetic condition of women on plantations. Here I have also discussed about the ways planters adopted to maintain discipline on the plantation and to which laborer’s showed their resistance in many different forms. The study of indentured resistance is important because it will provide a alternative interpretation to their resistance that how Indian laborers fared during indenture. 63-69 Issue-6 Volume-3 Pummy Yadav