<b>Reflection of Assamese Women Life in the Songs of Rudra Boruah A Study</b> Rudra Boruah is a prominent name in the cultural field of Assam. He had an artistic mind from his childhood. After Jyoti Prasad Agarwalla Rudra Boruah Has too much contribution to make the beautiful track of Assamese music. A huge number of his songs are filled with the spirit of Assamese women. Many songs were composed centering various aspects of Assamese women. An Assamese women plays several role in different time. It denotes the individuality of Assamese women. We may classified the women centering songs of Rudra Boruah into five classes, they are Assamese women as Dawoni and Reaper, Assamese women as weaver and lover, Grief stricken childless women, Beauty of Assamese women And historically acclaimed Assamese women and their differences with modern Assamese women. This paper tries to give an overview of Rudra Boruah s women centering songs. Rudra Boruah, women, Assamese, differences, dawoni, reaper, weaver, childless 70-73 Issue-6 Volume-3 Puranda Gogoi