<b>Holacracy The Next Generation Leadership in a VUCA World</b> The Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous world is posing innumerable challenges upon all the organizational stalwarts. The purpose of the undertaking this study is more than one. ‘Leaders are born not made’ had always been an oft cited dubious question to the uncanny minds of many. Thus, an attempt had been made to strike an answer to the recurring question that occurs at multi tier level that is, does market leadership drives leadership in organizations or leadership capabilities of employees exercise influence on employees Methodology An empirical research had been carried out, which was both explorative and descriptive in nature, to identify the leadership style followed in organization and bring out the gap between the existing and desired leadership styles for implementation of holacracy in the organization. Variables such as task and result orientation, work delegation are taken to find out characteristics of an effective leader. Variables such as democratic, autocratic, bureaucratic, participative are examined to find out preferred style of leadership. The effectiveness of the leadership style was survived through variables of penalty, rewards, motivation and respect. Out of 340 questionnaire circulated, 317 responses were received out of which 305 were found to be usable for study. Statistical test such as description statistics using SPSS is applied to study the outcomes and presented in the form of graphs. Findings The research yielded various interesting aspects of key leadership principles. Technology is a friend and a foe, a powerful threat if underexplored poor communication skills and lack of discipline can make leaders ineffective. When asked about whether emotional intelligence is appreciated in a leader, the majority of the respondents could not give decisive answer. Holacracy brings the new era of leadership style with organizations becoming lean and employees adaptable. Implications The sample was drawn from Generation Z who is soon going to be a part of youth leadership in both corporate and governance. The questionnaire had been inclusive of asking personal traits of them to the actions. Leadership, Holacracy, Merit, Generation Z 37-47 Issue-6 Volume-3 Jyoti Kukreja