<b>The Effect of Price and Location on Purchasing Decisions at the Swalayan Maju Bersama MMTC Medan</b> One factor that is the reason consumers decide to buy a product in a company is price. What if the price offered by a company is cheaper than its competitors, consumers will make more purchases at the company. Vice versa, what if the price offered by a company is more expensive than its competitors, it will reduce the consumer s decision to shop at the company. Besides the price factor that is no less important to attract consumers is located. The location or place of business that is easily reached by consumers has certainly influenced consumers in making product purchasing decisions in a company. Therefore, in this study, the authors use price and location as independent variables and purchasing decisions as dependent variables. The method used in this research is quantitative with an associative approach. The sampling technique in this study is probability sampling with a simple random sampling approach of 50 respondents. Data collection was carried out by distributing questionnaires to respondents who were consumers of the Maju Bersama supermarket with MMTC Medan. Data were analyzed using validity, reliability, classic assumption test, multiple linear regression analysis, t test, F test, and test the coefficient of determination R2 , which is operated through the program SPSS 16. The t test results indicate that partially the price does not affect the purchase decision, while location influences the purchase decision. The F test of price and location variables shows that price and location simultaneously influence purchasing decisions. The coefficient of determination R2 of 0.590 indicates that the price and location variables affect the purchasing decision 59 and the remaining 41 are influenced by other variables not included in this study. Price, Location and Purchase Decision 9-16 Issue-6 Volume-3 Noviyanti Hulu | Amril | Hayunimah Siregar