<b>Influence of Quality Service and Promotion on Purchase Decisions on Indomaret Beringin Tembung</b> Quality of service is very much needed considering that the customer or customer has desires that must be fulfilled and satisfied. Consumers always expect to get the maximum service from the providers of products or services, in this case consumers want to be treated professionally and obtain something as expected, the quality of service can influence purchasing decisions made by consumers. In addition to the quality of service companies providing products, in this case Indomaret needs to pay attention to promotional activities, where tothe promotion of the public or consumers can get to know more about the products provided ranging from benefits, quality, the price of the product. Therefore, in this study, the authors used service quality and promotion as the independent variable and purchasing decisions as the dependent variable. The method used in this research is quantitative with an associative approach. The sampling technique in this study is probability sampling with a simple random sampling approach of 50 respondents. Data collection was carried out by distributing questionnaires to respondents who were Indomaret Bering in Tembung customers. Data analysis techniques using validity test, reliability test, classic assumption test, multiple linear regression analysis, t test, F test, and the coefficient of determination R2 test operated through the SPSS 16. The results of t test research on service quality variables indicate that part there is an influence of service quality on purchasing decisions, then the results of t test research on promotion variables indicate that part there is no influence of promotions on purchasing decisions. The results of the research in the F test show that the quality of service and promotion together influence the purchasing decision. The coefficient of determination, R2 shows that service quality and promotion influence purchasing decisions and the rest is influenced by other variables not included in this study. Service Quality, Promotion And Purchase Decision 1-8 Issue-6 Volume-3 Juliati Gulo | Togu Harlen Lbn. Raja | Karina Silaen