<b>Reconstructing the Path of the Object based on Time and Date OCR in Surveillance System</b> The inclusion of time based queries in video indexing application is enables by the recognition of time and date stamps in CCTV video. In this paper, we propose the system for reconstructing the path of the object in surveillance cameras based on time and date optical character recognition system. Since there is no boundary in region for time and date, Discrete Cosine Transform DCT method is applied in order to locate the region area. After the region for time and date is located, it is segmented and then features for the symbols of the time and date are extracted. Back propagation neural network is used for recognition of the features and then stores the result in the database. By using the resulted database, the system reconstructs the path for the object based on time. The proposed system will be implemented in MATLAB. Localization, Character Segmentation, Character Recognition, Back Propagation Neural Network 2610-2612 Issue-5 Volume-3 Pyae Phyo Thu | Mie Mie Tin | Ei Phyu Win | Cho Thet Mon