<b>A Review Paper on Strength Development of SCMS Based Geopolymer Cement</b> Ten to 50 of the world’s total carbon dioxide emissions come from producing cement. The global warming gas is discharged once stone and clays are crushed and heated to high temperatures. New age concrete is outlined as a concrete that uses the waste product as a minimum of one among its parts, or its production method doesn t cause environmental destruction, or it s high performance and life cycle property. Varied efforts are conducted by researchers to make some alternatives that can considerably cut back high energy consumed and environmental impacts throughout the fabrication method of cement, together with implementing the idea of commercial ecology. The cleaner technologies in concrete production, like work comparatively high proportion of cement by fly ash up to 100 , the utilization of different natural pozzolans, development of concrete with usage or waste materials, and developing of new age concrete by using polymerization of concrete the present reviews about performance of geopolymer concrete with the SCM materials Fly ash and GGBS Geopolymer mortar, opc, SCMs, Activator, Bond strength, Compressive strength, Durability 2379-2381 Issue-5 Volume-3 M. Anil Kumar | Mr. K. Naga Rajesh