<b>The Denial of Dream Experience By Norman Malcolm</b> Interest in Dream can be traced from the dawn of the human race. At the same time, it has been the human nature to enquire its reality. Since the 20th century, philosophical interest in dreaming has increasingly shifted towards questions related to philosophy of mind. Are dreams subjective experiences during sleep It is like something to dream, or is It only like something to remember dreams after waking Can dream reports be a trustworthy evidence for saying that dreams are conscious experience at all The goal of this article is to investigate the relationship between dreaming, dream reporting and subjective experience during sleep. The core area of my article is Dream Skepticism, which was traditionally been the most famous and widely discussed topic by the different philosophers. I begin with an overview of received view of dreaming, formulated by Rene Descartes and then I discuss anti experience thesis of Norman Malcolm and critical evolution of his theory. The goal of this article to show that the skepticism about dream reporting is misguided. 2722-2725 Issue-5 Volume-3 Koyel Ghosh