<b>Study on the Analysis of Chromite Refractory Brick from Mwe Taung Chromite Ore</b> This research paper is the preliminary study of testing the feasibility of chromite ore to produce refractory. Chromite ore was taken from Mwe Taung, in Chin State, Myanmar. Chromite ore contains iron oxide, alumina, magnesia, lime, chromic oxide and silica. The prepared chromite has been extensively used for high temperature metallurgical reactions. The chemical analysis of chromite ore was done to know the composition. Composition expresses the percentage of oxide component which can able to determine whether the refractory is acidic, basic or neutral. The chromite ore studied in this research is neutral refractory. The experiment of chromite refractory brick production was carried out first, the chromite powder are reduced to 50 mesh, 100 mesh and 200 mesh through sieving and then, mixed with magnesium chloride as binder, applied to 400 tons pressure, heated at drying temperature 200°C for twenty four hours and at firing temperature 1580°C for fifty two hours to produce chromite refractory brick. Analysis of locally available chromite refractory brick produced is tested. The standard properties such as cold crushing strength, apparent specific gravity, apparent porosity, bulk density and water absorption. Chromite Ore, Chromite Refractory Brick, Porosity, Bulk Density, Cold Crushing Strength 1860-1863 Issue-5 Volume-3 Dar Nei Sung