<b>Linear Regressions of Predicting Rainfall over Kalay Region</b> Regression analysis is a statistical technique for investigating the relationship between variables. In this paper, rainfall and water level prediction models are discussed with the use of empirical statistical technique, Simple Linear Regression and analyzed the development of the predictive power of Linear Regression model to forecast the predicting rainfall and water level over Kalay in Sagaing Region for 10 years 2008 2017 .The data of the monthly rainfall and water level used in this study were obtained from Meteorology and Hydrology Department of Kalay, Myanmar. In July 2015, Kalay was affected by the floods. So the rainfall and water level are predicted for next five years in this paper. empirical statistical technique, linear regression, predicting, rainfall, water level 1681-1685 Issue-5 Volume-3 Ohnmar Myint