<b>AHP Approach for Choosing the Best Private School</b> As there are many private schools competing, it is important to choose the best one based on School Profile, Education Quality, Infrastructure Quality, and other factors. Parents, when choosing schools to enroll their kids, not only want their kids to be good in school lessons but also in sports, arts and music which can enhance the child’s ability. The objectives of this research are to provide the main evaluation criteria and sub criteria for choosing a private school, to develop a system based on these criteria, and to assist parents in deciding the best choice for private school education. The system being developed take into consideration usability factor to decide users acceptance. Analytical Hierarchy Process AHP is a multiple criteria decision making tool that has been used in almost all the applications related to decision making. This paper discusses the importance and some possible criteria for selecting private schools and demonstrates AHP in a step by step manner, where the resulting priorities are shown. Analytical Hierarchy Process AHP Criteria Alternative Multi Criteria Decision Making MCDM Consistency Ratio CR 1067-1071 Issue-5 Volume-3 Kyi Kyi Myint