<b>Analytical Method Development and Validation for the Estimation of Zolmitriptan by RP HPLC Method</b> In this work the authors have proposed a simple, specific, economic and accurate reverse phase liquid chromatographic method for the estimation of Zolmitriptan as an active pharmaceutical ingredient and in pharmaceutical formulation. The main objective of the current research paper is to To develop simple, precise and accurate RP HPLC method for Zolmitriptan also to validate the developed method as per ICH guideline Q2R1 and to explore the applicability of the method in finished product formulation for estimation of Zolmitriptan during its lifecycle. The objective was achieved by optimized condition with Phonemenex C18 column 150mm×4.6mm , 5µm. And mobile phase Phosphate buffer pH 3.5 85 Methanol 15. The separation was done with a flow rate of 0.9ml min, detection with 224nm. The retention was found to be 3.57 minute. LOD and LOQ were found to be 2.45 and 7.42 respectively. So in order to obtain the correct results various validations methods are performed to get the results. The results obtained from those validation methods are plotted in the form of the charts as well as the different curves. Zolmitriptan HPLC Analytical method validation 804-810 Issue-5 Volume-3 Mr. Rahul M. Sagde | Mr. Pawan N. Karwa | Mr. Vivek M. Thorat | Sanjay S. Jadhav