<b>An Experimental Study on Stabilization of Loose Soil by Using Jute Fiber</b> Stabilization is one of the methods of modifying the properties of a soil to improve its index parameters as well as strength parameters and it can be used for a variety of engineering works. Expansive soil is the major problem for civil engineers, either for construction of road and foundation works by using the stability of soil and reduces the construction cost. soil is stabilized by in objectives of this research were to investigate the effect of Jute fiber on the engineering property optimum moisture content and maximum dry density, plastic limit, liquid limit, compaction, unconfined compressive strength, triaxial and California bearing ratio test of the soil. Jute fiber is most suitable for increasing the strength of the soil and it is eco friendly material. In the present study, the soil samples prepared with the addition of Jute fibers by 0.25 , 0.5 , 0.75 , and 1 the average length of Jute fiber is going to use in this study is approximately 10 15mm. At first, Optimum Moisture Content OMC was determined through the proctor test. At those OMC, several tests like CBR, UCS were conducted. CBR test was carried in both Unsoaked and soaked condition and maximum values were obtained where 0.75 Jute fiber was added. 659-662 Issue-5 Volume-3 K. Ravi Kanth | K. Deepthi